This project entailed creating a 30 page quarterly publication. The topic of the publcation was student’s choice, however, the final mag needed to be sustainability related. My father is an English teacher, so I’ve always been passionate about creative writing. I decided a literary publication would be a great way to fill 30 pages with inspiring content.


I started gathering up and editing every poem and short story I had ever written. All of the creative writing in the final publication is my own, which is pretty fun beacuse I had the opportunity to take inspiration from my own work, and push it even further into imagery.

Ink is a recurring motif in The Well. I bought a fishtank and spent hours dropping ink into water until I finally captured a series of diverse photos. Using the ink as framework for my spreads developed a visual fluidity that matched my writing. After photographing the ink, I took a couple other photos to pair with several of my stories, in addition to product photography of the Bombai Ink itself.


This is definitely the most meaningful project I’ve ever worked on, as most of the poems featured are extremely personal to me. But each poem touches on topics that need to be talked about, from depression to global warming, so it was very gratifying to be able to share these stories with the world.