The goal of this project was to create a surreal movie poster advertising the Chicago Underground Film Festival. Inspiration for the poster came from the festival’s theme, “Something Blue.” The final image needed to be photographic, with at least 8 objects incorporated into the design.


After receiving the theme “Something Blue,” I immediately started brainstorming blue objects that were easily accessible to me. My mind quickly went to my mother’s set of blue, antique dishes. The notion of antiquity provided me even more inspiration, and I began envisioning traditional Victorian garb. 


Because this project had a two week time constraint, I fully embraced the Victorian aesthetic. Next came the obstacle of deciding how a Victorian atmosphere could become surreal. I wanted to stay true to the time period, so I decided to play into the idea of a haunting. Some of the best ghost stories are centuries old, so it seemed fitting that the two ideas would mesh well together. The concept of a haunted portrait was mysterious enough to make viewers want to know more, which was the project's ultimate goal.